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Ozcan ENG

Welcome to Ozcan Engineering Manufacturing, Construction Trade Limited Company.

As Mr. Sydney Smith says;

“A great deal of talent is lost to the world for want of a little courage. Every day sends to their graves obscure men whose timidity prevented them from making a first effort.”

Based on this idea and relying on the founders’ throughout commercial life of industrial experience and courage, Ozcan Engineering was established in February 2009. Since its establishment, we dedicated ourselves to perform with the best quality, perfection and respect to our clients’ needs on our projects.

OZCAN ENGINEERING is committing its work at ethic rules and seeks for perfection on all kinds of projects.We are determined to walk on the way with the projects to be proud of.

Factory Productıons

Factory Productıons

With the power coming from our experienced, professional team, we are bringing future technology to our valued customers.

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Construction Works

Construction Works

Underground and underground construction works of Refinery, Fuel Storage Facilities and Fuel Stations, Factory and warehouse constructions.

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Manufacturing & Assembly

Manufacturing & Assembly

Manufacture and installation works of underground and underground storage tanks in desired capacities and sizes, land, manufacturing and installation of marine and underground process pipelines, manufacturing and installation of gas stations

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Project & Engineering

Project & Engineering

Designing of all types of Industrial Plants by engineering calculations Project of fuel storage terminals, design of refinery and petrochemical plants Project of gas stations Project services of land, sea and underground process pipelines.

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With the power coming from our experienced, professional team, we are bringing future technology to our valued customers.

Job Security

We work in compliance with all work safety rules to reduce the risk and hazard ratio of the work we do.

Quality Service

We follow all the work steps applied with detailed and precise with our quality service understanding.

Successful Projects

We develop ourselves and our experience with successful projects we have completed up to now.

Customer Happiness

We work for the liking of the work done and the result that we commit.

Professional Team

With our professional application team, all the steps you need to set up, just as you want.

  • Comply with all the laws, rules and regulations applicable in the countries we are doing business,
  • Never interfere to direct or indirect illegal payment.
  • Non-contact, to hold secret Money funds or assets.
  • No gifts of any kind, that are offered by vendors, suppliers, customers, potential employees, vendors and suppliers, or any other individual and organization, no matter the value, is accepted.
  • Avoiding the conflict between the interests of the business and the personal interests of the individuals who own or control the business.
  • To support the principles stated in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • Particular attention not to have any child labor.
  • Pre-investment analyses on all projects details to maintain the stability.
  • To make no contribution to political institutions.

To not have business with any individual and organization which breaks the above mentioned principles.


Construction of 6 Pieces Pedestrian Overpasses On Highway Samsun Project Continues

Construction of 6 Pieces Pedestrian Overpasses On Highway Samsun Project Continues

Work Name : Construction of Steel Structures Pedestrian Overpass on the Highways For 7. Regional Directorates of  T.C. General Directorate of Highway Work Owner : T.C. General Directorate of Highway Regional Directorate-7. District Samsun  Work Delivery Date…
Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Asphalt System Project Manufacturing and Installations Completed

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Asphalt System Project Manufacturing and Installations Completed

Work Name  :  Construction of 60 Tonnage Scale Construction with Fixed Asphalt Tanks in Metropolitan Municipality Boğaçayı asphalt plants Work  Owner :Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Rural Services Directorate Work  Delivery Date :27. January.…
Our Factory In Operation !

Our Factory In Operation !

Our factory in Silifke Organized Industrial Zone (OSB) has completed the license works and  been operating from 10 May 2017. In Our Factory; – CNC Sheet Metal Bending Machine; Cylindrical Bending…


Honesty and reliability are a guiding principle for OZCAN ENGINEERING. These two principles are the main structure of our other features such as; professional excellence, quality, consistency, customer satisfaction, respect to shareholder rights, provision of safe and secure environment to our employees and responsibility towards the environment.OZCAN ENGINEERING acts in accordance to these values with business partners, shareholders and any other organization.
- Ozcan, Engineering
All our activities in our worksites or anywhere else are regulated in accordance to Turkish government laws or international laws. We stop to all institutions and stakeholders in an impartial and equal distance without expectations and fulfilling all legal obligations related to our activities. Our financial statements, reports are recorded in accordance with national and international accounting principles determined by existing legislation. OZCAN ENGINEERING, prohibits discrimination against its employees and it is equal and neutral to all employees, as well as offers a safe and healthy work environment.
- Ozcan, Engineering
As OZCAN ENGINEERING, we keep our company’s interest superior to our personal interests and avoid our personal activities and interests effect our ability to act in the best way for our company. Receiving or offering bribes or commission is not tolerated under any circumstances.
As OZCAN ENGINEERING, we always follow the rules of the national and international procedures, laws and ethical rules and we expect the same from the individuals or organizations to behave the same during our business.
- Ozcan, Engineering
OZCAN ENGINEERING is aiming for sustainable development, economic growth and prosperity and preservation the quality of life, environment and community. We are responsible in ensuring the happiness, peace and health of our employees.
- Ozcan, Engineering
OZCAN ENGINEERING keeps all communications with stakeholders, partners, and organizations in ethical rules, honest, transparent and based on exchange of information. Cooperation with other institutions and organizations based on respect and trust to ensure the continuity of relations in communication strategies and policies. Possible collaborations to facilitate communication methods are created.
- Ozcan, Engineering


We are Professional

We do our jobs with professional solutions and professional teams.

We Care for Safety

We complete all our services at the highest level in accordance with the principle of “Providing life and property safety”.

Our Manufacturing Quality

We manufacture and apply international and national standards.

Contact Us: We produce the best and most professional solutions - (+90) 324 337 08 50