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OccupatIonal Health and Safety PolIcy

All of our employees are responsible for health, safety and environmental issues in the workplace, everywhere they work, such as gas stations and field sites. The importance of quality, cost, and timing we make is at least as important as our responsibilities in health, safety and the environment.
OZCAN ENGINEERING is aware that all the accidents can be prevented and therefore they will be able to reach with self-development and zero accident policy. In the implemented projects,  the principle of destroying the danger in the source and provides the health and safety of employees, subcontractors and supplier companies. OZCAN ENGINEERING fulfilss to comply with all legal requirements and ethical rules of the country in which it operates, Environment, Safety and Health.

Our policy based on the following topics;

  • Everywhere we work, we do business in accordance with occupational health and safety legislation and environmental legislation.
  • We increase HSE awareness to create and build our HSE cultures.
  • Minimizing the accidents and raise the awareness about the unsafety situations during the work.
  • Wherever the work is to be done, we first take preventive precations on health and safety issues and then we will start.
  • We attach importance to unsafe situation reports and increase numbers to prevent accidents.
  • We pre-assess the potential risks that may arise everywhere we work and according to this we prepare the necessary equipments for health, safety and environment.
  • In order to prevent accidental work, harm to people and the environment, our employees periodically train in health, safety and environment areas and measure their performance continuously.
  • We give regular fire protection and first aid training for our employees.
  • Our employees use personal protective equipment for work they do. We control this constantly.
  • We constantly monitor our risks related to our HSE policy.
  • We reduce any risks that may occur by working in coordination with other companies, competitors and operators.
  • While planning the cost and time related to the business, we also take into account the health and safety rules and make the business schedule and cost analysis accordingly.
  • We continuously improve and improve the performance of our HSE management process.
  • While performing our activities, We reduce our resource consumption by controlling 
  • We strive to constantly reduce the consequences of our activities.
  • The materials we have assembled are quality and certified materials.