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Qualıty Polıcy


OZCAN ENGINEERING has always performed consistently to complete qualified projects delivered on time. For this reason, OZCAN ENGINEERING has always produced successful works for its customers.

Quality is a win-win in the long run! This is also reflected in our projects “. Each of our employees is common to the work done and this is reflected in the superior products that OZCAN ENGINEERING provides to its customers. As a company, we are committed to providing both material and spiritual benefits, such as loyalty, personal pride and customer satisfaction. Each company can produce projects in low or medium quality. Companies that produce superior projects are numbered.OZCAN ENGINEERING is one of these companies, and we believe that our services always have the chance to market both in Turkey and in the international market.We feel that this is what drives us to undertake even more powerful tasks, to attract new markets and a wide variety of tasks, and we strive to achieve! OZCAN ENGINEERING sees itself as an integral part and a shareholder of a worldwide corporate community.It is our duty to be environmentally friendly, to be aware of the consequences of our impact on the environment and act accordingly.

OZCAN ENGINEERING is a company that is aware of its construction responsibility, so we must be sure that each of our employees is aware of the effects on the world we live in, misuse or unconsciousness.

At OZCAN ENGINEERING, every individual is trained on pollution, hazardous materials and appropriate waste disposal methods. Above all, our office culture and construction site culture are organized in line with the Safety and Health of our employees. The negligence of these two substances is unacceptable and the project culture can only exist if they are aware of the importance of them. We apply our Security Policy because we believe it is true, not because the customer desires or enforces the law. Good for our employees, good for the company. We save more time than ever, our employees are more careful and attentive, the healthier they are, the better it is, the better the time, the greater the gain.

As mentioned above, our Board of Directors, Engineers, Managers and all of our staff support and participate in the policies and methods that set out the Company’s Quality, Safety and Health and Environmental Plans. In order to meet the needs of our projects that differ from country to country and from customers to customers, these policies and methods are constantly being reviewed, corrected, updated and adapted to new situations.

OZCAN ENGINEERING fulfills everything that the project needs to get a safe, quality product, regardless of the environment, taking into account the laws, traditions and special needs.

OZCAN ENGINEERING always fulfills its commitments under these conditions!