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İmalat ve Montaj

– Production and assembly works, construction of liquid fuel underground and overland storage tanks at the desired size and capacity, land, sea and underground process pipelines,

Liquid fuel stations,
– Tank and pipeline insulation works,
– Sandblasting and first layer painting application in factory conditions and field sanding and final paint works,
– All kinds of steel constructions, production and assembly works,
– Installation of technological equipment,
– Commissioning, maintenance, sandblasting, painting, automation, electricity, equipment inspection,
– Manufacture of industrial plants, tank stations and oil stations in compliance with international and Turkish standards, we agree with the computer and the equipment and spare parts of the pressurized and unpressurized vessels,
– Natural gas pipelines, gas circulation systems contracts,
– High, medium and low pressure gas distribution network production and construction works

Workshop Production

– Gas pipelines, gas conversion systems
– Construction of high pressure, medium pressure and low pressure gas distribution system
– Oil Storage
– LPG and LNG storage tanks, etc.



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